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Inflammatix Ramps Up Commitment To DEIB And Launches Women's Resource Group

Inflammatix's mission is to create and commercialize best-in-class host-response diagnostics to resolve major clinical and public health challenges. Inflammatix is an award-winning on-demand precision medicine biotechnology start-up focused on developing tests for acute bacterial infections, viral infections, and sepsis based on patent-pending biomarkers exclusively licensed from Stanford University. 

Inflammatix's hybrid and global-facing workforce made it a unique challenge to engage and motivate employees by fostering a sense of Inclusion and Belonging.



Educated leadership team on importance and busines imperative around DEIB initiatives.


Conducted companywide DEIB Employee Feedback Assessment to identify gaps in company culture.



Shared assessment results through companywide Town Hall to kickstart conversation around DEIB.

How Dr. Tana M. Session utilized her expertise to propel connection and employee engagement through the lens of DEIB:

  • Leadership Training. Prior to kickstarting DEIB programming, Dr. Tana M. Session partnered closely with the executive team to ensure that top leadership was aligned on the desired outcome and business alignment of embedding DEIB.

  • Employee Feedback Survey. With the leadership team committed to DEIB, Inflammatix rolled out a companywide survey to collect feedback from work areas and teams who are also keenly committed to the company's mission.

  • Formalized DEIB Committee. With the feedback data in hand, Inflammatix created an employee-led work group with the aim of addressing the gaps highlighted in the survey results to better foster Inclusion and Belonging for its diverse workforce.

  • Companywide Town Hall. As part of the follow up from the DEIB Employee Feedback Survey, Dr. Tana M. Session partnered with the leadership team to report out the results and findings to ensure accountability and transparency.

Today, the Inflammatix DEIB Committee continues to further its commitment to creating a psychologically safe workplace. Based on the DEIB survey results facilitated by Dr. Tana M. Session, the startup is now looking to launch a Women's Resource Group, an initiative designed to create a safe space for employees who identify as and support women. Employee Resource Groups are voluntary, employee-led groups whose aim is to foster a diverse, inclusive workplace aligned with the organizations they serve. 


Dr. Tana M. Session notes that Inflammatix's progress in fostering Inclusion and Belonging is a model example of companies remaining committed to DEIB — particularly during a time of strong anti-DEIB rhetoric.

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