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Own Your Power:
Executive Performance Coaching

Dr. Tana M. Session holds a safe space for you to explore yourself and discuss what's been keeping you stuck and uninspired. You will learn how to activate your TRUE purpose and become your true, authentic self in your career, business, and relationships.

"I have not been confident to go out and reach for the highest-value opportunities. Dr. Session helped me change this perception of myself and commit to leveling up! Thank you for helping me to create these lasting changes with your practical approach."

A Confidential Advisor

Designed for individuals or group coaching available upon request. By partnering with Dr. Tana M. Session, your uniquely tailored development plan may include the following:

360-Degree Assessment

DiSC Assessment

Implicit Bias Assessments

Development Plan With Goals, Action, Timing

Emergency Access

Targeted Leadership Training

Resources To Support Development Areas

Interactive Exercises, Simulations, and Role Playing

Monthly Updates To Immediate Supervisor

One-hour 1:1 Sessions

Follow Up 360-Degree Assessment

Developmental Areas

We all have different gaps in our professional development. Here are some common topics that make a great executive leader:

Importance of Personal Branding & Executive Presence
How To Manage the Future Workforce
Generational Competencies
Emotional Intelligence & Critical Thinking
Uncovering Unconscious & Implicit Bias
Understanding Foundational DEIB & Cultural Competency

Let's face happens to all of us. But every pain has a purpose! We have all experienced failures in our relationships, careers, and business. The key to success is using those adversities as FUEL and not EXCUSES to propel you through life. Commit to being in action until your idea of success manifests in your life. Focus on what is possible and not what is predictable. And remember, situations fail...but you are not the failure! It's important to know who you are and let no one else define you! Mediocrity is overcrowded! What do you want your legacy to be? Never give up on your dreams. I firmly believe EVERYONE is a success story waiting to happen!

Screenshot 2023-03-21 105917.png

This is where you will learn the keys to say YES to yourself, put yourself FIRST and learn to become SELF-FULL. Are you tired of feeling uninspired and unenthused in your career, life, and relationships? Stop being the VICTIM and claim your spot as the VICTOR. I will help you uninstall self-doubt and discover the hidden blessings from your adversities. I have been there...and I know what it takes to push through. 


My unique skill is making people MORE of who they already ARE! What sets me apart from all the other Executive Performance Coaches?

I'm MORE than just a coach. I'm your partner who is truly committed to your success and won't leave you until our work together is done. 

Past Performance:

Why fit in when you were meant to stand out?!

You already have permission to succeed! Stop playing small and go for what you want in your career, business & relationships.
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