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Berkshire Residential Investments Creates DEIB Taskforce
To Increase Representation

Berkshire Residential Investments is a people-focused investment management company known for its vertically integrated organization and experience in U.S. residential real estate. With over 56 years of experience, the company manages approximately $27 billion in real estate assets on behalf of global institutional clients. Berkshire's reputation for innovation and prudence attracts residents in the U.S. and investors from across the nation and from around the globe.

With a DEIB Committee in place since 2016, Berkshire's leadership team sought the expertise of Dr. Tana M. Session to develop a comprehensive strategy that reflects the diverse clients served and Berkshire employees, ensuring that DEIB is embedded into the DNA of the company's culture.



Transparent & unbiased interview process focused on underrepresented candidates

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Inclusive & diverse career pathways and an Emerging Leaders Program



Internship Program focused on attracting diverse candidates


How Dr. Tana M. Session provided her expertise in organizational strategy and development through the lens of DEIB:

  • Refinement Of DEIB Strategy. Based on year-over-year assessment results, Dr. Session worked with the DEIB Committee to identify gaps to address and provided guidance on implementation, stakeholder management, and allocation of resources.

  • DEIB Governance. Implementation of a DEIB Taskforce took Berkshire's DEIB Strategy to the next level and ensured continuous allocation of resources and executive sponsorship.

  • Career Pathways. By partnering, the DEIB Taskforce developed a documented path for relevant job groups and established an Emerging Leaders Program and Internship Program focused on diverse and underrepresented candidates.

  • Workforce Upskilling. By working directly with managers and senior leaders, Dr. Session implemented high-impact DEIB trainings across all levels through a range of modalities, ensuring ongoing learning for current and future staff.

The DEIB Taskforce, BerkshireUNITES, consistently delivers on annual goals and OKRs, ultimately demonstrating the capacity and success of the company's efforts and intentionality to embed DEIB across the organization. In total, BerkshireUNITES consists of 55 members with 10 people per subcommittee -- a substantial growth from the first year of partnering. Berkshire continues committing to providing growth opportunities to their employees, and continuing to strive towards a team that is representative of the diverse communities they served throughout the U.S. with their first Employee Resource Group dedicated to women and those who identify as women (BeWISE).


Dr. Tana M. Session notes that Berkshire's DEIB maturity is now at the stage where it can begin to actualize long-term KPIs, such as representation across leadership levels — a metric that companies historically overpromise and underdeliver.

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