"The National Black Employees Association, an internal caucus group within the Xerox Corporation, has worked with Dr. Tana M. Session, for the past three years. Her training programs were assessed as being current, forward-thinking, valuable and applicable to advance personal and professional growth. Tana is a consummate professional, she extends herself as a resource beyond the training sessions to anyone who wanted additional insight on the webinar material, taking her services to a higher level."

The National Black Employees Association, Xerox Corporation

"Dr Session was open about the fact that we ALL make mistakes and she focused on Grace and doing better moving forward. I found the session very welcoming and encouraging to folks wherever they might be on their personal D&I journey. Great info and made me think differently about how I present myself to someone I don't know very well. I have never felt more inspired or empowered to take action as an ally!"

Lands' End


"Our 700 person Firm had the absolute pleasure of spending some meaningful and truly impactful quality time with Dr. Session in the virtual setting, where Dr. Session creatively and uniquely educated our Firm about implicit bias, miscroaggressions, equality vs. equity and allyship, among other very important topics.  Dr. Sessions’ presentation inspired Firm engagement, important discussions and education.  Dr. Session addressed all questions posed throughout the presentations, thoroughly responding to all participants’ questions and providing guidance and important tools for staff to employ when navigating these challenging topics and issues.  Dr. Session’s PowerPoint presentation was fun and funny, yet really drove the important points home. I would highly recommend Dr. Session for virtual or in-person learning on the topics in which she is Expert."

Jane E. Leopold-Leventhal,  Chief Legal Counsel, Bohler Engineering

"Dr. Session's expert and engaging presentation gave me increased insight into how diversity and inclusion interrelate with ethics and accessibility. I found Dr. Session's detailed treatment of bias to be particularly enlightening, especially the explanation of how stereotyping is a neurological filter, a “survival” mechanism for the overloaded brain, that tends to build in an unconscious bias we are completely unaware of. I had always used “bias” in the negative connotation of conscious prejudice against someone or something, and her presentation broadened my perspective on this vital element of diversity and inclusion. She also introduced me to the term “microaggression” for an overdetermined response based on an unconscious bias against (or even toward) a particular category of people. Never has a broader understanding of diversity and inclusion been more important than in this cauldron of social injustice and racial strife that has boiled over."

Dan Voss

"As a result of Dr. Tana's coaching, I landed my first 7-figure client!! I'm in complete awe by how easy it was to ASK for (and receive) exactly what I WANTED. My entire life has changed. I'm walking in my divine purpose. Following Dr. Tana's instructions has been the BEST decision I've ever made."

DeAnna Dupre

"I recently completed the Stop Being the Best Kept Secret coaching certification program under the tutelage of Dr. Tana M. Session. While participating in Dr. Session's coaching certification program, I became enlightened to valuable coaching and business skills needed to begin my consulting and coaching business. She truly will assist you as you grow your coaching business, even long after you have completed your program.  After completing the program, Dr. Session has proved to be a valuable resource and has referred clients to me, which has yielded in me being able to start my business a lot sooner than planned. I highly recommend that anyone interested in being a coach, contact Tana immediately to get started. You will gain knowledge to help others move past playing insignificant in life to living a bold, fearless, and happier life.  I am so grateful to Tana for her guidance in building my toolbox to be a great coach."

Jean Gillard, SHRM-CP, Founder of Willow-Oak Consulting

"I was planning a retreat for a group of 30 McDonald's franchise managers, which we previously had never hosted. So, I was not able to give Dr. Tana much information other than they are a group of very seasoned managers who are looking for fresh and new ideas in a broad range of topics. That was all Dr. Tana needed to put together a training session that was interesting, engaging, informative and tailored to the needs of the managers. Every single manager praised Dr. Tana for her outstanding presentation and being able to make them laugh, self-reflect and learn...all within a matter of hours."

Kerri-Harper Howie, Owner, McDonald's WEH Enterprises, Los Angeles, CA

"I used Dr. Tana M. Session's book 'Get Your Career Life in Order' several times throughout the past year! It's been so helpful to have such an easy-use guide to ask the questions I forget to as myself when presented with different opportunities and to focus myself when I wander from my goal. Thank you for all the work you do!

Maureen "Mo" Booth

"I had the great pleasure of meeting Dr. Tana M. Session as a speaker at our 9th Annual Women’s Leadership and Empowerment Conference that took place in Bangkok, Thailand. Ms. Session's speech 'Stop Being the Best Kept Secret' was a huge success and I witnessed Dr. Session's ability not only to inspire the attendees but to keep them interested and engaged at all times, taking an active part in the session, for which they found to be very fun, while also an extremely useful, learning and inspiring experience. Delegates were delighted and thankful for delivering an inspiring speech at the conference and we received only positive feedback."

Vladimir Mladjenovic, Director, Tomorrows People  Organization, Bangkok, Thailand

"On behalf of The BOSS Network, we had the pleasure of having Dr. Tana M. Session as one of our leadership speakers for our national tour. She has the unique ability to captivate an audience with her real-life stories. Dr. Session's talk was a great learning experience and the information gave the audience a new perspective on how to maximize career development knowledge. Her ability to connect with everyone in the audience was artful. Her sense of humor supported the concepts so they would be remembered. I recommend Tana Session for any professional development day or training."

Cameka Smith, Founder The BOSS Network, Chicago, IL