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How Madison Reed's
DEIB Committee Creates
Safe Spaces To Hold
Tough Conversations

“This was such a powerful experience for me and made me feel seen and heard for the first time in the workplace.”


Madison Reed is a hair care and hair color product subscription-based service through its online store as well as partnerships with Ulta, Sephora, and QVC, among others. Madison Reed's award-winning color is crafted in Italy and everything made is Smart 8-free, free of ammonia, PPD, resorcinol, parabens, phthalates, gluten, SLS, and titanium dioxide. The hair color company is driven by their Core Values: Courage, Trust, Joy, Responsibility, and Love.

Madison Reed's three distinct business areas, Hair Color Bars, Color Crew, and Headquarters, made it a challenge to connect employees and develop the DEIB Committee to drive a sense of Inclusion and Belonging.



Shared experiences through companywide Town Hall to start a conversation around Inclusion & Belonging.

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Inclusive company values that foster a psychologically safe workplace.



Organizational changes as part of an employee-led DEIB strategy based on feedback.

“I feel heard by Madison Reed's DEIB Committee every single day. We are always taking feedback and working to make all of our teams feel more included in everything that we do. Being able to share my honest feedback and opinions has made Madison Reed a better place.”


How Dr. Tana M. Session provided her expertise in facilitated experiences and organizational development through the lens of DEIB:

  • Town Hall Facilitation. The first step toward creating a sense of psychological safety is to talk about our individual experiences to facilitate shared connectedness.

  • Development of Company Values. Madison Reed already had a DEIB Committee in place. To further mature the company on its DEIB journey, development of a values-driven culture fostered an increase sense of Inclusion and Belonging.

  • Formalized DEIB Committee. The great work that the DEIB Committee was already doing was further propelled by structured governance and practices, allowing improvement of processes over time and securing company resources.

  • Inclusive Training & Development. As an expert in facilitating experiences, Dr. Session shared her methodology on communication and leadership skills that aim to build psychological safety.

The DEIB Committee continuously invests and develops talent through its ongoing training, coaching, and development opportunities, ultimately demonstrating the company's commitment to a values-first culture. Madison Reed prides itself on a shared sense of belonging, and is deeply committed to equality. The work of the Diversity, Equity, Inclusion & Belonging Committee ensures the heart and soul of its brand values are demonstrated in how they hire, acknowledge, support, and promote people.


Dr. Tana M. Session notes that Madison Reed's commitment to DEIB is at a level where employees feel comfortable having difficult conversations with one another — something that companies historically struggle with.

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