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I'm A Black Woman
And I Have Privilege...

What's Your Excuse?

Take my unique workshop to empower your employees to use their voice and embed DEIB across your organization.


"Dr. Tana M. Session was open about the fact that we ALL make mistakes and she focused on Grace and doing better moving forward...I have never felt more inspired or empowered to take action as an ALLY!"

An Interactive Workshop

Every single person has some form of privilege, and it's important to understand how privilege plays a role in our lives. Key takeaways include:


Identify tools and strategies that we can use in our daily lives to create a better environment for all walks of life.


Understand privilege and how it relates to how we individually interact with the world around us.



Become aware of the ways in which privilege serves us while hurting others.


Expand our own self-awareness and turn POWER into ACTION.


Develop compassion and empathy for others.

Who Is The Audience?

This workshop is ideal for...


Employee Resource Groups

Supercharge your Employee Resource Groups (ERG). Equip your ERG members with tools and strategies for navigating a workshop that isn't necessarily designed for them.


DEIB Committees

Empower your DEIB Champions on how they can leverage their power and use their voice as a tool for change in the organization.


HR & Leadership

Company culture starts from the top. Is your executive team setting the right tone? Everyone has privilege and it's a matter of how it's being leveraged. After all, small hinges open big doors.


So many have asked me “How do I have privilege?” and I always respond with “I’m a Black Woman, and I have privilege.” Regardless of our gender, skin color, socioeconomic status, religious affiliation, LGBTQ+ status – or any other social factor you identify with – we all have privilege and power.

As individuals, we often believe we lack sufficient privilege to turn it into action but it is through uncomfortable conversations that we illuminate our power and capability as an A.L.L.Y.

Privilege impacts every aspect of our lives - from the school we attend to the people we befriend, and the way we interact with others. Most of us are not even aware of the privilege we hold, which is why it is so easy to disregard how it affects our lives.

Our social norms and cultural upbringing influence our experiences and the way we view the world. They also shape our identity and behaviors toward others. The experiences of those in a minority group compared to those of the majority directly correlate to the privilege we have as individuals.

Screenshot 2023-03-21 105917.png

Privilege isn't just about race and gender.

You heard the message, now it's time to feel it.


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