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What To Do To Celebrate Diversity Month This April

First published on LinkedIn.

Time is flying by! I can't believe we're already in Q2. Recently, I polled a question on how Diversity is celebrated in your workplace:

Diversity, Equity, Inclusion & Belonging (DEIB) comes in many forms and in the context of Human Resources, is still comparably young as a practice and as an area of expertise. Depending on the size of your organization, you may already be practicing this. Organizations that go through restructuring, including organizational development and change management, are practicing at least some form of DEIB. At the core, this initiative is a reflection of your organization's willingness to seek innovation in timely anticipation for the future of work.

#1 - Defining Diversity

There can be up to 39 unique social categories, depending on the diversity model you follow. Diversity comes in many forms and is unique to every company. The definition of diversity within your organization should reflect the mission statement and core values. Much like how leadership should reflect the talent workforce, your teams should also reflect the communities serviced.

#2 - Prioritize Equity

So you've brought in different backgrounds and diverse perspectives...the "easy" part. Now it's about creating space to allow each individual to thrive in the workplace. Considerations include work or communication style, personality and thought style, generational/age behaviour and ethnodiversity, potential cognitive or physical differences, etc. – the list goes on. When the team is balanced and diverse, they will be able to make quicker decisions precisely and allow for greater innovation.

#3 - Challenge Inclusion

Regardless of your industry, there are always opportunities to challenge the status quo, but are you seeking them out? How is inclusion being fulfilled in your organization? It's important to note that while in general, inclusion is about bringing all walks of life together, inclusion is more about widening your personal lens and embracing mutual learning.

#4 - Envision Belonging

Belonging is the ultimate end goal of Diversity, Equity & Inclusion. Where do you see the culture developing in the next year? How different will it look in 3-5 years? Regardless of your role, each individual has a part to play in changing/developing internal culture.

When you examine the full scope of DEIB (above), which steps stick out to you? I often tell my clients "it's a marathon...not a sprint!" because it truly is a never ending journey to how we can embrace differences and harness talent in the workplace.

April is also Autism Awareness Month – 5.4 million adults in the U.S. have an autism spectrum condition (or about 1 in 45 people). Be certain to include the needs of your neurodiverse staff in your DEIB initiatives and trainings.

ICYMI...Here's a link to my appearance on ABC7 Eyewitness Morning News from this year's Black History Month.

Until next month... Be well and stay safe & healthy!


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