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Dr. Tana M. Session Provides Solutions To Shifting Holiday Cultures In The Workplace

Alcohol has long been integrated into British workplace culture, whether for client entertainment or team socialising, particularly during the festive season.

What can businesses do to reflect this change? Sober-friendly workplaces are good for society and for businesses’ bottom line. Inclusive policies, sober safe cultures and tailored benefits are needed in the workplace.

Dr Tana M. Session, a change management strategist, says supporting sobriety at work should be viewed as an easy inclusive option for all workplaces.

She says, “Being inclusive in companywide invitations by notifying staff there will be mocktails and other non-alcoholic beverage options available at company events is one way to show employees there is support for sobriety, religion, and any other personal reasons why some staff may choose not to consume alcohol at the event.”

The rise of the sober curious movement signals a transformative opportunity for businesses to champion employee well-being by adopting inclusive practices and providing alternatives.

Sober October and Dry January trends look to extend beyond their designated months, and business leaders can play a crucial role in supporting employees throughout the year.


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