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37 Business Leaders Who Spoke Out About Diversity And Inclusion In 2017 ( 2017)

In order to solve a problem, you first have to recognize that it exists. Lack of truly diverse and inclusive businesses and brands is nothing new, but in 2017, the topic rose to the forefront.

This year, leaders across industries stepped up to talk about holding themselves to higher standards, building better brands from diversity of perspective, and creating workplaces in which every employee can personally and professionally thrive. Change starts with leadership, and these individuals are paving the way.

#13. Tana Session, best-selling author and certified career strategist

“As women, we have been programmed since childhood to make excuses for certain behavior from males , and it has carried over into the workplace between women and men. Fortunately, women are now standing together and expressing that this juvenile behavior is no longer acceptable, and they will not operate out of fear any longer. I commend my fellow HR colleagues who are on the forefront of this much-needed change, and I commend my fellow women for coming together and standing up to this unfair treatment in the workplace.”

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