37 Business Leaders Who Spoke Out About Diversity And Inclusion In 2017 (Forbes.com/Dec. 2017)

In order to solve a problem, you first have to recognize that it exists. Lack of truly diverse and inclusive businesses and brands is nothing new, but in 2017, the topic rose to the forefront. This year, leaders across industries stepped up to talk about holding themselves to higher standards, building better brands from diversity of perspective, and creating workplaces in which every employee can personally and professionally thrive. Change starts with leadership, and these individuals are paving the way. #13. Tana Session, best-selling author and certified career strategist “As women, we have been programmed since childhood to make excuses for certain behavior from males , and it has carri

Human Resources' Role In Sexual Harassment Complaints

With all of the recent news stories about male executives being fired or stepping down from their high-powered positions due to sexual harassment complaints, one has to wonder what was the role of human resources in the process. As a HR professional with over 20 years of experience, I could no longer remain silent on this issue. I can attest to the fact I have managed more than one sexual harassment claim in my career. I can also attest to the fact that there are times when human resources is challenged with how to effectively and efficiently handle these claims when they cross our desk. Most organizations have a zero-tolerance policy for harassment of any kind in the workplace, but HR canno

Do You Need To Conduct Exit Interviews? 10 HR Pros Weigh In

When an employee — especially a top performer — quits their job, human resources often wants to know why, and what the company could have done to keep that person. That's why many organizations conduct exit interviews upon an employee's departure. But these conversations aren't always productive. According to Harvard Business Review, exit interviews often fail to produce useful information because many employees don't want to be as candid as an employer expects. They may not want to burn bridges by speaking ill of their supervisor, or they're already emotionally checked out and aren't "motivated to explore their feelings." This leaves HR departments with a lot of questions: Are exit intervie

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