12 Important Things To Know Before You Start A Career In HR

Decades ago, human resources was primarily seen as a "paper pusher" role. HR professionals signed off on hiring and firing; they kept employee records and personnel files; they fielded the occasional employee or manager complaint. Today, HR departments are much more dynamic, playing an essential role in a business's long-term talent development strategy. Despite all the different hats HR can wear, this department's primary task is helping an organization's most valuable asset: its people. Before you start your career in human resources, you'll want to thoroughly understand the core requirements of the industry and what functions you'll be expected to perform. If you're a newcomer to the worl

How to Jump-Start Your Career When You’re Over 50: Older workers bring unique benefits to the workpl

Your company has recently decided to reduce headcount and lay off people. Unfortunately, you are one of the employees whose name was selected, and this will be the first time in several years, maybe even decades, that you’ve been back on the job market. You’re over 50 years old and haven’t had to interview in years. Now what? Stay Up-To-Date This trend is happening more often than not. The best way to be prepared is to stay ready! What have you done throughout the years to stay on top of trends and technology in your industry? Have you joined any professional organizations and expanded your network? Have you had your resume professionally reviewed and updated? When was the last time you asse

Are Diversity And Inclusion Initiatives Still Necessary?

In today’s political climate, unconscious bias has become a key topic of discussion and training for managers, especially as it relates to recruiting and hiring. It is extremely important for organizations to train managers and other leaders on the impact of diversity and inclusion and how these initiatives positively impact the organizations' bottom lines. Without diversity of thought, organizations are prone to groupthink and rely on the “we’ve always done it this way” mindset. This mindset has repeatedly proven to be a deficit to organizational growth. Unfortunately, there are still more organizations who default to this type of leadership and team management. Change is the only constant

How to Start – or Change – Your Career on the Right Foot

In May and June, million of graduates threw their caps in the air, rejoicing at the completion of their college degrees. After four years of hitting the books, now it’s time to find a grind and get on it. The good news is the job market has definitely improved since the crash of 2008. When the global financial earthquake hit, it certainly affected the job market, and companies had their pick of multiple candidates for every open position. Fast-forward almost 10 years later, and the tide has changed. It is truly a candidate’s market, where job hunters now entertain multiple offers and the advances of recruiters desperate to find top talent. Although the economy is looking up for recent gradua

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