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Described as "Real...Authentic...Relatable," Dr. Tana M. Session has spoken from the same stages as Jack Canfield, John Assaraf, Leeza Gibbons, Kevin Harrington and others. Named by Huffington Post as a "Top Female Expert to Follow," Tana has been engaging audience sizes from 20 to 20K. She is an award-winning international speaker who has graced the stages for corporations, business conferences and various empowerment organizations.




Uncovering Unconscious & Implicit Bias In the Workplace 

What is “Unconscious Bias?” We can’t address it if we aren’t sure what it is or how it shows up in our personal lives. Regardless of your ethnicity, gender, nationality or socio-economic background, and regardless of how liberal you may think you are, we are ALL guilty of
Unconscious Bias. Sometimes it shows up as a fleeting thought as you pass someone on the street, or a snap judgment you make about someone you meet for the first time. Through candid conversations, open dialogue and real-world examples, this session will uncover the shocking proof of how unconscious bias shows up in our daily decision-making, and how it can impact the workplace, employees and overall productivity.


Leadership Requirements For the Future of Work

Gen Y and Gen Z are the largest and most culturally, socially & ethnically diverse group in history to enter the workforce. Organizations and leaders must embrace innovative ways to recruit, develop, mentor and retain them to sustain long-term success and growth. This session will provide proven easy-to-implement strategies to guide organizations and their leaders on the best ways to engage and motivate the new workforce.


Forget A Seat – We All Want To Eat! Equal Pay Matters NOW!

The average woman misses out on more than $400,000 during the course of her career. This pay gap is wider in higher-paying industries and roles. Even with this obvious gap in pay, reports indicate women invest up to 90% of their income back to their families and community, compared to a 35% contribution by men. Organizations need to focus on closing the gender wage gap and making it a strategic goal for the short and long-term health of society as a whole. This session will uncover ways to develop strategies to address wage gaps and provide insight on ways for women to align with sponsors and allies to help support them throughout their career.


Stop Being the Best Kept Secret (R)

Stop Being the Best Kept Secret (R) is an interactive session where attendees will participate in self-realization and self-actualization exercises. This is how personal and professional reinvention and transformation happens. Through personal discovery work, attendees will learn what has been truly blocking them from success and how to live out loud and stop playing small in their lives. Attendees will leave Stop Being the Best Kept Secret (R) motivated, inspired and enthusiastic about what’s next in their career, business and relationships. 



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